About Springboard Beyond Cancer

Springboard Beyond Cancer was developed by the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society. This web tool reflects their shared mission of getting health information, skills, and support to the people whose lives are affected by cancer.

Springboard Beyond Cancer is a mobile-friendly tool that enables and empowers people with cancer to play an active role in the management of their health. This includes management of illness and treatment, relationships, emotional and psychological stressors, and healthy lifestyle behaviors. Taking charge of these things can help you feel confident about navigating the health care system, managing your illness, and effectively coping with challenges along the way.

This tool provides information about symptoms you might experience. It also has information about emotions and ways to take care of yourself to stay as healthy as possible both during and after treatment. Springboard Beyond Cancer offers tips getting support from health care providers, family, friends, and other people who have cancer.

But information is only the beginning. Springboard Beyond Cancer offers Action Decks with simple, practical actions you can take to manage your health and well-being. You can keep the Action Deck handy as you go through treatment and recovery. Plus, Springboard Beyond Cancer covers a wide range of symptoms, so when you experience new symptoms or challenges, you can get information to help you continue managing your care and well-being.

The Springboard Beyond Cancer website does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment information provided by your health care provider. For information about this website’s contents or technical features, email: NCISmokefreeTeam@mail.nih.gov.