Action Cards: In the Workplace

Use these card decks to help manage your symptoms from cancer treatment.


In the Workplace

Some people with cancer continue to work while they get treatment, and others do not. Learn how to communicate with your employer and co-workers, and understand your rights as an employee.

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  • Be prepared. Determine who you want to share the information with.

  • Know your rights. Determine your capabilities during treatment, and keep records of your discussions.

  • Plan your return to work. Talk to your employer about what you’ll need when you return. This may include a flexible schedule or a workplace that accommodates your needs.

  • Balance work with your needs. Remember to take your medications, take breaks from sitting, and avoid taking on more work than you are able to do.

  • Think about how you will respond to others. Expect a variety of reactions from people at work. Some people will be supportive, unsupportive, or not react at all.

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