Create Your Own Vision Board

Finding your inspiration, hope, and support is so important during your cancer journey. One way to do this is to create your own vision board. This is a physical space — like a bulletin board or a poster — that you can fill with all of the things that keep you focused on staying positive and hopeful. Keep your board posted in a central location so you can see it often, and so it can serve as daily, positive motivation. You can even take a photo of your vision board so that you always have it with you, even when you’re away from home. Share the picture with us on Pinterest with the hashtag #BeyondCancer.

Your vision board can include anything that you’re thankful for, that makes you happy, or that you’re striving to achieve. Think about adding:

  • Photos of the family or friends who surround you with love and support
  • Inspirational quotes to keep you going when the going gets tough
  • Pictures of the places that make you happy, like a favorite vacation spot
  • Reminders of your goals, dreams, and other things that keep you motivated
  • A list of the people and places you’re thankful for
  • Whatever helps YOU and gives YOU strength! Get creative – this is your vision

Build your Vision Board on Pinterest

If paper and glue aren’t your thing, you can create your own virtual vision board on Pinterest! Tag your vision board pins with the #BeyondCancer hashtag — they might be featured on the Springboard Beyond Cancer Community board on Pinterest.

Be sure to check out our Positive Thoughts board for inspiration, or search the hashtag #BeyondCancer on Pinterest for ideas to get started.