Support & Self-Management

Kim's Experience as a Caregiver

Kim, a breast cancer survivor-turned-caregiver, talks about her new role after her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis. She discusses the emotional challenges of being a caregiver and provides self-care tips.

Jamie's Vision Board

Jamie, a Melanoma survivor, talks about the importance of focusing on hope and positivity during treatment. She walks the viewer through a tutorial on how to make a vision board in order to keep images of the things most important to you nearby at all times.  For more information on getting the support you need when dealing with cancer, visit the get support page.

Montessa's Lung Cancer Experience

Montessa, a lung cancer survivor, talks about her diagnosis and the treatment symptom she struggled with most — fatigue. She discusses the importance of working with your healthcare team and relying on your support networks for help. She also emphasizes the importance of striving to live rather than just survive. Visit the Fatigue page for more information.

Montessa's Lung Cancer Experience – Journaling

Montessa, a lung cancer survivor, discusses how journaling was a helpful tool during her cancer treatment. She notes that journaling not only helped her emotionally, but it also helped her to keep track of dates and timeframes related to her treatment and surgeries, which aided her conversations with her healthcare team. Explore the Springboard Beyond Cancer website for more tools and resources to help you manage cancer your way.

The Power of Self-Management

Joya, a breast cancer survivor, discusses the importance of self-management during cancer treatment and highlights the tools available on the Springboard Beyond Cancer website. Corinne Leach, PhD MPH, walks through five steps of self-management, such as identifying your goals and challenges, creating a plan, and monitoring your progress. Visit the Self-Management page for more information.