Symptoms & Side Effects

Ed's Prostate Cancer Experience — Common Symptoms

Ed, a prostate cancer survivor, talks about his diagnosis, surgery, and resulting symptoms caused by his surgery, including incontinence and erectile dysfunction. He discusses how he's currently dealing with and working to overcome his symptoms, highlighting exercises he did to prepare for his surgery and its impacts, as well as medications he is trying early in his recovery process that are having a positive impact on his symptoms.

Angie's Breast Cancer Experience – Fatigue

Angie, a breast cancer survivor, talks about her cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as her fatigue symptoms during chemotherapy and radiation. By walking between treatments and playing tennis, Angie was able to boost her energy levels and battle fatigue. Angie recommends finding a physical activity you enjoy and pursuing it in a modified way until you're able to return to a fully active lifestyle. Visit the Fatigue page for more information.

Carolyn's Breast Cancer Experience — Dry Mouth

Carolyn, a breast cancer survivor, talks about the dry mouth she experienced as a result of her cancer treatments. She notes that rinsing her mouth and sucking on lemon drops to keep her mouth moist and free of a metallic taste was a big help. She also talks about her strategies to reduce her stress, which included keeping herself busy with new hobbies like knitting. Explore the Springboard Beyond Cancer website for more tools and resources to help you manage cancer your way.

Montessa's Lung Cancer Experience – Fatigue

Montessa, a lung cancer survivor, talks about the changes she made in her daily routines as she faced fatigue caused by her cancer treatment. She emphasizes the importance of being an advocate for your own health and talking to your doctor as you work through your symptoms. For more information on common treatment symptoms and what you can do to manage them, visit the Symptoms page.